Saturday, May 29, 2010

are you looking forward to the world cup?

whoaaa! I can't wait for the World Cup.. Which team do you think will win? my favorite teams are Portugal, because of Cristiano Ronaldo. awwww melting!! LOL! but hmm I think Brazil will win. or hmm Spain? England? not bad.
According to Fifa's ranking, Spain is currently known as the best national team in the World. Being number one doesn't mean that Spain will win the World. Spain had managed to win most of their friendly matches because they have a good national team. They had won the Euro 2008, took on Argentina, England, France, and so on. Spain chance is very high and should have used that opportunity to win the 2010 World Cup because they haven't won any. I can see Spain in final though :)
Brazil is another favorite national team to win the World Cup. I won't say much about Brazil because Brazil is WOW!

Final: Spain vs. Brazil
well let's just wait and see. 14 days to go guys! whoop whoop! :D


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