Thursday, May 27, 2010

'Shrek 4 Forever After' A must watch! :D

Shrek movie is so wonderful, cute and hilarious! It is not as much a kids movie as much as it is a family movie. And it is not as much a family movie as it is a comedy for all audiences. LOL!
“In this movie, Shrek’s perfect day involves being the scary ogre he once was and terrorizing villagers and dealing with people who have pitchforks and torches and just having that sense of being scary, he misses being scary.” And of course it has a happy ending! :)

Shrek spends most of the movie being all emo trying to win the love of Fiona. awww!
Gingerbread Man was hilarious!
Rumpelstiltskin is a decent enough bad guy, but he's easily forgotten. haha!
OMG! Puss in boots is my favourite character! I extremely adore puss (the cat) so much! He is so so so so so so cute with his big eyes!!!!! No one can resist to his charm. He reminds me of my cat. love you Puss! mwahahaha!
oh! this is the funniest part of Puss: hey Donkey, can I borrow your tongue??? donkey: SAY WHAT?! uh uhh no hell..i don't care how big your eyes get player its not going down. LOL! check out the trailer! :D


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